• Best Dental Care For Your Family

    We know you get busy with the day-to-day tasks of raising a family. Please keep their dental health at the top of your priority list! A One stop Smile Shop is everything you need.

  • Healthy Mouth leads to Healthy Body

    A healthy mouth is more important than you might think. Taking good care of your mouth and teeth throughout your whole life can help prevent problems as you get older. Good oral health isn’t hard to achieve but it does take discipline. Our customized plans and treatments help you achieve it.

  • What's in your mouth reveals much about your health

    What does the health of your mouth have to do with your overall health? In a word, plenty. A look inside or a swab of saliva can tell your doctor volumes about what's going on inside your body. Don't wait! Call us right away or book an appoitment with us.

Why Sparkle Dental Care...

Thank you for considering us to take care of your family's and your dental needs...We shall deliver!

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    Top of the line Dentistry at par with International standards

  • State of the art equipments, materials and procedures ensuring high quality dental treatment that is quick, safe and practically painless

  • Personal safety is our priority. We use autoclave sterilization and disposable/non-contamination techniques to ensure highest international hygiene standards

  • Customized treatment plan, design and implementation for each patient to ensure maximum quality treatment

  • Affordable pricing system allows to go for necessary treatments required to main dental health

Sparkle Dental Care Clinic Lounge


What our clients have to say...
  • “I am delighted to write this testimonial for you. My experience with Dr. Kayannush has been the best of all. It is low stress from beginning to end. Scheduling, reminders, location and most important, the results are always first rate. The whole clinic has a very ‘family’ feel from your first visit, and you’ll be included in. I have nothing but praise for Dr. Kayannush, his dental practice offers a skilled, respectful and comprehensive approach with every encounter. The dentistry is methodical and in-depth. Communication is ever-present and patiently addressing questions and concerns as they arise, receiving excellent clinical care, genuine compassion and interest in our well-being. I felt very comfortable and confident knowing I was in well trained hands. You can feel confident with the dental care you will receive. I am completely happy with the results you have given me and my husband, we sincerely appreciate the professionalism and high quality dental care, truly epitomizes the highest standards of service oriented, efficient and patient centered care. We have traveled countless times from Dubai to see you and are so happy we have. You have extraordinary skill, knowledge and talent. I have utmost confidence and respect in your professional decisions. I know you as a kind, caring man who is very much concerned with the well-being of your patients. I have received excellent professional care at Sparkle Dental Care, friendly, helpful and kind, always making a visit to the clinic a pleasant experience.”


  • “I had some cleaning and dental work done last year at Sparkle Dental Care, during my visit to Mumbai. I was very impressed with Dr. Kayannush Dadachanji’s work. The doctor was very attentive to my comfort throughout the process. He also gave me good advice on maintaining good oral hygiene. Not only was the required job done well but I left feeling informed about my teeth and gums. His clinic is well equipped with the latest instruments. I loved the little monitor where you can see first-hand the before and after pictures of one’s teeth. He and his staff are professional and personable. If you are looking for a dentist give Dr. Kayannush Dadachanji a try. I sure will be visiting Sparkle Dental Care on my trips to Mumbai.”



    “For someone like me who literally dreads a visit to a dentist - the visit to Dr Kayannush's clinic was an absolute pleasure. My words can't thank him enough for the work he has done for my wisdom tooth extraction. His care, empathy and patience is just commendable. He ensures that person understands the whole procedure and makes you feel comfortable. Definitely a thumbs up for the quality service and advice regarding dental care. Thanks Dr Kayannush for crafting smiles ;)”


  • “Petrified! That’s what I was when I realized I have a Dental Problem... The dental chair was always a monster and the Dentist Evil. I was taken by surprise, as I climbed the stairways into this Sparkling Clean Clinic. Not only was there Positivity in the Air, But a very friendly and understanding doctor waiting by the Dental Chair…He asked me all my problems and listened to each one of them with patience and attention, He was also very gentle I have to mention...He made sure the chair was at proper height, my neck wasn't hurting and I was ready and comfortable, He should get the "Best Dentist Label". Dr. Kayannush worked on my rotten tooth with such ease, I felt pampered and my problems seemed to cease...All the equipment was very clean and sterilized There was no chance of contracting any disease. The Clinic, Equipment and treatment is all Very fine. Dr. Kayannush is the most kind, humble, soft spoken, caring and gentle doctor I have come across...Thank you Sparkle Dental Care for changing my opinion about Dental Clinics. Dr. Kayannush Dadachanji you work like a therapist... :) ”


  • “Dr.Kayannush is a very experienced dentist. Root canal procedures are very painfull and that is what every family member and friend had advised. Dr.Kayannush artistic painless dentistry proved all wrong. The procedure was like a walk in the park and Kaynnush's analysis before treatment was bang on target !!! Two Root canals down and few cavities left and i will have healthy teeth in no time. I would recommend Dr.Kayannush any day for any dental procedure.”


    “Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction. This was by far the most painless experience at a dental clinic for me! I'd definitely visit again. Thanks a ton!”


    “Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time. Amazing experience... felt like family. The detailed explanation really felt very good. His patience for listening and answering was very explanatory for the kids too. I would recommend him 10/10 ”

    Mrs. GANDHI

  • “I entered the clinic with jitters , imagining all the pain and torment I would have to go through ...When the treatment started, the doctor made me feel at ease and the occasional cracking of jokes made my nervousness go away and the cleaning went on smoothly. I left the clinic with a broad smile literally !!!”


    “Given long term nature of treatment, I evaluated many dental clinics in Mumbai and chose Sparkle dental care due to my previous experience with Dr Kayannush. The treatment has been painless and progress has been good. The staff is extremely courteous and accommodating to my requirements.”


    “Wonderful treatment. Experienced no pain whatsoever. Superb clinic and very knowledgeable doctor, explained everything patiently, and has a very light hand. Didn't feel anything. Root canal procedure was never more comfortable! Try him to believe it.”

    Mr. RAHUL

  • “Dr. KAYANNUSH is extremely gentle, and takes utmost care of the patient. Very clean and sterile instruments, eliminating all possibilities of an infection. I would recommend anyone with dental problems to visit the Sparkle Dental Care clinic, to get treated by the expert and extremely humane doctor KAYANNUSH.”


    “Very good and courteous. Dental problems are explained very well. Dr's. Hand is very light and he is very considerate about the patient's pain and does his best to make the patient comfortable.”

    Mrs. NANCY AGA

    “Dr. Kayannush repaired a broken crown and adjoining tooth with a bridge. Seems to fit quite well and has improved my bite. Will monitor for the next few weeks. A very clean, quite and professional with modern equipments. Kayannush has an amiable and polite chair-side manner. They greet you with packaged mineral water.”


  • “My first meeting and felt so much confident. And the reception I got has been the most positive on my travel to India. The environment too you meet by gives a safe and clean impression. I can with my heart recommend The Sparkle Dental Care.”



    “Someone once mentioned to me that modern day dentistry and pain don’t go together. I didn’t believe them till I walked into Dr. Kayannush’s Sparkle Dental Care. Skillful, Hygienic and Extremely Gentle. I’d recommend ‘SPARKLE’ to anyone. Excellent job done!”



    “My first adult dentist. Paid less than I expected and definitely less than other dentists of equal talent. I didn’t feel any pain and when I bite I feel as if nothing has changed, that has to be the best right! Friendly, Homely, Superb Location….I LOVE MY DENTIST!!!”


  • “Thanks Dr. Kayannush for the truly painless experience and Sparkling Teeth.”



    “Been to many dentists; by far the politest, courteous and humble. Friendly and easier on Pockets too!!! Light hands, didn’t feel a thing! My Dentist…My Friend!!!”


    “I am very happy to regain my smile, that too with a ‘Sparkle’! My daughter and family feel I look many years younger and happier! Thank you Doc!”


    “Excellent – Royal Dentist!!! Painless treatment. Thank You and All the best!”

    DR. U. D. KAMDAR

About us

Thank you for considering us to take care of your family's and your dental needs...we shall deliver!

  • At SPARKLE DENTAL CARE we do not treat patients; by delivering high end dentistry, we relieve a friend’s discomfort. We are committed to providing superior prosthodontic and general dental care to our patients. Please allow us to serve you in every way we can.

  • DR. KAYANNUSH K. DADACHANJI graduated in 2005 and completed his Masters in Prosthodontics and Implantology in 2011 both from M. A. Rangoonwala College of Dental Sciences, India.

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